Brecknock Consulting is committed to providing clients with a highly professional, ethical and quality service.

Artist Selection: We guarantee that due process is undertaken during the artist selection process and that we have no vested interest in any artist and do not stand to gain in anyway by proposing any artist for consideration in the commissioning process. We consider it important to provide a totally independent service to clients that will ensure the selection of the right artist for the project.  We believe that to maintain a stable of artists or to represent any artists would compromise the independence of our service and raise potential conflicts of interest.

Project Management:  We guarantee that our primary commitment is to the client and achieving the best possible outcome and will not in any way benefit from involvement in design and construct activities associated with the project.  We consider it important to undertake our duties as public art project managers with a total commitment to the interests of the client and to due process.  We therefore cannot be seen to be benefiting financially in any way from the design or the fabrication of artworks for the project.  This separation between project management and design and construct is essential during contract administration and particularly at the final defects review stage to ensure that the highest standards of final artwork can be assured.

Brecknock Consulting