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275 George Street

Client: Charter Hall
Artist: Stuart Green

Falling from Above by Western Australian artist Stuart Green is an exciting addition to Brisbane's CBD, commissioned by Charter Hall for their development at 275 George Street. The three-part work occupies the volumes of the public arcade spine. The work poetically expresses the life-cycle of a seed pod at larger-than-life scale. Husk is a suspended element, a seed’s outer skin which has opened in release as it falls from the tree canopy. Kernel is the released seed-pod, a smooth form constructed from recycled Western Australian Jarrah and standing 5 meters in height. Just as the suspended Husk captures and frames the arcade void and views to the heritage clock tower beyond, so the Kernel commands the ground plane at a key intersection becoming a grand centre-piece. Finally a third form, Returning, consists of a skeleton frame within a landscape area, showing the return of the seed to the earth. Bamboo and other plants grow up through and around this structure to signify the cycles of new life.

Brecknock Consulting