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Roma Street Parkland

Client: Dept. of Public Works
Contractor: Abigroup
Curator: Tim Morrell
Artists: John Coleman, Nameer Davis, Laurindo De Abreu Soto, Vanessa Fisher, Hew Chee Fong & L.M. Noonan, Scott Harrower, Rhyl Hinwood, Ron Hurley, Merv Muhling, Barbara Penrose, Scott Redford, Luke Roberts, Chris Trotter, Keith Ward, Lilla Watson

The Roma Street Parkland project was an initiative of the Queensland Government’s Art Built-in policy. The project involved the commissioning of 15 artworks for the 16 hectare site in the centre of Brisbane. Brecknock Consulting provided project management services in association with curator Tim Morrell.

Brecknock Consulting